Stain & Lacquer Finishing

Stain & Lacquer Finishing, Carson City, NV Have you been thinking of repainting your interiors bright and vibrant? Well, it would be an injustice to your furniture and cabinets if you leave them with the old, tired look. Think of your wooden fixtures, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and bookshelves. How about coating them with wear-resistant, durable, and stylish finishes? At Sierra Quality Painting, we provide stain and lacquer finishing services to all types of wooden components in residential and commercial settings. A polished look in your furniture and other wooden equipment can transform your interiors significantly. If you own a commercial property, you might hire our experts for stain and lacquer finishing for your cafeterias, receptions, shops, and office furniture.

Benefits of Staining Wooden Components

Almost every property comes with a type of wooden component. Be it your furniture, cabinets, floor, or other parts of your property. In fact, wood happens to be one of the best gifts you obtain from nature. The material is natural and sustainable and offers a wide range of applications. Besides, you can carve and mold the material into any desired shape. No wonder, why timber still finds itself among construction materials and furniture.

When you hire our residential or commercial painting services to give a facelift to your property, you wouldn’t like these wooden components to look old and drab. With proper staining and lacquering services, you can retain the natural essence and shine of the wood.

  • Staining can elicit the natural grains of wood, integrating your wooden fixtures and furniture with character
  • Incorporate an even tone of shade to your cabinets, floor, stairways, trim, and furniture.

Our Range of Wood Staining and Lacquering Services

  • Refinishing and polishing wooden cabinets
  • Refinishing wood railings and staircases
  • Refinishing the exteriors and interiors of wood beams
  • Staining and lacquering wood in professional spaces
  • Staining wooden components in historical buildings
  • Staining wooden parts in restaurants, bars, and retail spaces

How Can You Benefit from Our Staining and Lacquering Services?

Each type of wood comes with its natural grains. In furniture and other wooden components, you have natural imperfections of the wood. This creates a powerful visual appeal when you stain and lacquer these components. However, to elicit the natural beauty of wood, you may need to make these grains visible and shine. After all, there are no uniform pores in the wood. Therefore, some parts of your furniture or cabinets accumulate more stains, compared to others. With a professional touch from experts, you can make your furniture complement the vibrancy of your walls. This explains why most of our clients request us to stain and provide a lacquer finish to their furniture, besides seeking professional painting services from us.

Here’s Our Approach to Staining and Lacquering Your Furniture

  • Providing professional consultation to our clients regarding the finish
  • Removing the previous stain from the woodwork and furniture
  • Fix small scratches, blemishes, knicks, and dents
  • Securing floors and covering the furniture, windows, and other uncoated surfaces
  • Restoring the high gloss in your furniture by applying lacquer

Give us a knock at Sierra Quality Painting for professional staining and lacquering services. You may reach out to us at 775-342-9142 or fill up this contact form.