Fence Staining & Refinishing

Fence Staining, Carson City, NV Wooden fences carry the elegant, organic essence of nature. Over the years, wooden fences have served backyards of hundreds of properties in your city. While these are ideal for elevating your privacy and demarking your property lines, fences are susceptible to warping, weathering, damage, and rot. This justifies why many of your neighbors have been staining their fences. For wood fences, stain happens to be the most ideal finish, rather than paints. It makes the material durable, while enhancing the visual appeal.

Whether you are just installing wooden fences around your property or renovating the existing ones, you would find our fence staining and refinishing services beneficial. At Sierra Quality Painting, we provide custom solutions with quality services to meet your fencing needs.

Benefits of Staining Your Fence

Staining your fence comes with several strategic benefits. This includes:

  • Better aesthetic appeal
  • Longer lifespan of the fence
  • Better defense against weather
  • Renovating the looks of your fence
  • Mitigate warping and rotting

Whether you consider the functional aspects or aesthetic appeal of staining your fence, it is imperative to hire a professional. An experienced team can do the needful at a cost-effective price, reducing your stress. Besides, professionals know the secret to incorporate the best aesthetic appeal. They carry adequate equipment to stain the wooden fences and restore the original looks of wood.

Staining Vs Painting Fences

Rather than painting your fences, we recommend staining the same. Paint often fails to penetrate the wood. On the other hand, stain gets deeper into the material and enhances rot and water resistance. This gives a longer lifeline to the fence, as the color does not peel or flake away. It is easy to apply stains on your fences, and the process takes little time. There’s no hassle of peeling the paint or scraping the old stains away.

Here are certain specific benefits you would enjoy once you hire our fence staining services.

  • Stain does not stick to the wooden surfaces
  • To preserve the wood, we blend certain natural oils with the stain
  • While the fence would reveal the wooden grain and texture, it would maintain a new look
  • Staining your fences would make them resistant to mildew
  • We also stabilize the wood color using ultraviolet inhibitors
  • The application is efficient and fast
  • All the materials we use are environment friendly

Fence Refinishing and Restoration Services

If you have an existing wooden fence, we recommend refinishing and restoring the same, rather than installing a new one. We repair broken fences, replacing cracked and warped wooden pieces. We also fix the nail pops and eliminate dirt and mildew to clean the fence. You can choose any color for the stain as per your preference. Before applying the stain, we make sure that the fence is completely dry. Depending on the weather condition, we fix the date and accomplish the task accordingly.

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