Painting Company in Reno, NV

Painting Company, Reno, NV Sierra Quality Painting Corp provides custom painting, staining, epoxy flooring, drywall, and other services in homes and businesses in Reno, NV. We have over ten years of experience under our belt, and we have painted thousands of buildings during this time. Our team specializes in the art of planning beautiful new surfaces and completing cosmetic upgrades for outdoor and indoor areas and textures of all types. Some of the services we provide include the following.

Stain & Lacquer Finishing

In both home and commercial environments, we provide staining and lacquer finishing ( services for various timber components. A polished appearance of wooden features like furniture can substantially improve your decor. If you own a business building, you may want to employ our professionals to stain, and lacquer finish your cafeterias, reception areas, stores, and office furniture.

You don't want these wooden components to seem outdated and dreary, and our specialized services can significantly uplift your property's appearance. You may keep the original essence and gloss of the wood by using professional staining and lacquering services. Staining can bring out the inherent grains of wood, giving your wooden fittings and furniture personality. You can apply a consistent color to your cabinets, floor, stairwells, trim, and furniture. These services include:

  • Polishing and refinishing wooden cabinets
  • Wood railings and staircase refinishing
  • Refinishing the outsides and insides of wood beams
  • Wood staining and lacquering in work settings
  • Staining aging timber components in old structures
  • Staining wooden components in restaurants, pubs, and retail establishments

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the best options for various floor surfaces. It is a widely used thermosetting compound in varnishes, adhesives, and final coverings over cracked or repaired concrete. You can keep the original appearance of flooring in commercial and industrial environments by hiring us for all your epoxy flooring needs.

This material's long lifespan and exquisite appearance have made it an excellent option for company owners. We specialize in epoxy floor painting and maintenance. Our professionals can supply you with long-lasting and tailored solutions at reasonable pricing. We can epoxy-coat a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Homes
  • Basements
  • Industrial spaces
  • Porches
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Warehouses
  • Walkways

Drywall & Texture

If you like being creative with your home remodeling, using drywalls and textures is a terrific way to do it. Retextured walls can give your house a distinct individuality. With these innovative services, we can produce remarkable aesthetic impressions in your home. You should contact us for various texturing services if you want to improve your property's appearance. We specialize in applying aesthetic wall textures of different types. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with our customers to include the exact patterns and textures they like.

We can deal with any drywall repair since we are qualified drywall professionals. The team can incorporate textures for walls and ceilings of your home or business, townhouse, or condos. You can improve the visual appeal of your house by using customized drywall textures. We've been doing bespoke drywall jobs in your city for years and can provide superior solutions.

We offer uncompromising quality and a wide range of solutions to business and residential property owners. With us, you will always get the best services at the most affordable price points. Please discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team and get their input on the best wall and furniture textures and finishes.

Sierra Quality Painting Corp can provide you with the best quality stain and lacquer finishing, epoxy flooring, drywall, and texture services in Incline Village, NV. For more details about these and our other services, please call us at 775-342-9142. You can also connect through this Contact Us form.