Deck Staining

Deck Staining, Carson City, NV As a natural extension of your home, your deck carries its inherent curb appeal. After all, the finish of your patio, deck, and fence largely defines your stature and aesthetic values. After all, your deck is the ideal space to make your outdoor hours happening. You gather with your friends and family members in these spaces to spruce up your leisure hours. Well, you would love to see your decks in the best of condition round the year. No wonder, why most households around your area seek professional deck staining services from experts.

We, at Sierra Quality Painting, offer customized deck staining services to our clients. If you are looking for the right group of experts for deck restoration, you can count on us. With professional handling, we can restore the original look of your outdoor decks, or re-stain them to infuse a fresh look and color.

Importance of Re-Staining Your Deck

In older homes, the decks call for a professional hand for re-staining every few years. Besides, if you reside in an area with relatively extreme weather, you would like to keep your deck in pristine condition by re-staining it regularly. In outdoor installations like decks and patios, you should expect natural weathering. However, re-staining these installations ensure certain additional advantages.

  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property
  • Mitigate further damage caused by weather
  • Upgrade the feel and look of your deck
  • Prolong the lifeline of your deck
  • Secure the wood from water and heat damage
  • Repair existing damage in the wood
  • Make your deck ready for regular use
  • Work on potential safety issues

In case you have installed a new deck, make sure to hire professional services to get it stained. This will protect the wooden installation from intense heat, heavy rain, high winds, and other elements of weather.

Professional Deck Staining Services

Staining your deck is not a DIY job when you expect professional standards. Besides having the right set of tools at your disposal, you should know how to use them. Have a look at the different stages involved in staining your deck.

  • Cleaning the deck: Cleaning your deck at the outset removes the dirt, grit, or layers of accumulated debris from the surface. We incorporate power washing techniques besides sweeping the boards. Our experts also eliminate peeling paint, if any.
  • Scraping and sanding: To obtain a smooth wooden surface, we scrape and sand the surface. Certain areas might be relatively raised than their surroundings. Before applying the stain, we even out these areas.
  • Applying the stain: Once the exterior surface is ready to absorb the stain, we apply it using paint pads, rollers, and trays. Next, you need to leave the surface for drying.

Hire Our Deck Staining Services

Trying to stain your deck yourself might lead to unnecessary damages, messing up your outdoor areas. It’s wise to count on a professional company for deck staining services. At Sierra Quality Painting, we provide affordable services, adhering to industry standards. With upfront quotes and fair pricing, we continue to be one of the leading experts in the industry. Reach out to us at 775-342-9142 or fill up this contact form for us to get back to.