Painting Services

Painting Services, Carson City, NV When it comes to painting, staining, epoxy flooring, and other protective and aesthetic coating services, Sierra Quality Painting Corp is a trusted name in western Nevada. There is no residential or commercial painting or staining job that is too big or too small for us. Explore the different types of services that we offer to all types of clients in the region.

Residential Painting

From the choice of the paint to the final look, we assess all the key factors to make the best recommendation for your home’s interior and exterior. We specialize in creating a look and feel that makes our clients feel completely satisfied. Our professional paint job can transform any dull and outdated room or wall into an inviting and beautiful space. There is no type and scale of painting project that our experienced and skilled painters have not handled.

We are driven by the goal to turn every residential property into a visually stunning space with the help of top-quality coatings. The different types of painting services that we handle include interior and exterior painting, spray painting, staining, pressure washing, and wood painting. We can paint your entire home or give a new look to a few rooms. You can choose the size and type of residential painting work you may need. Read More About Residential Painting »

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting jobs are more complex than residential painting projects and we have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations. We use high-quality products, specifically designed for commercial jobs. Over the years, we have learned how to bring the best aesthetics out of each product we use. An important aspect of our commercial painting jobs is to adhere to the agreed timeline and causing minimal disruption to the organization’s operations.

You may need to paint your commercial building in or out. You may need a facelift that adds to your business’ image. Whatever your goals and the scale of the project, we can handle it. We always strive to deliver memorable experiences. Over the years, we have worked on all types of commercial spaces in the health, retail, health and fitness, hospitality, education, and other sectors. We provide interior, exterior, staining, and refinishing services. Read More About Commercial Painting »

Interior & Exterior Painting

A building’s interior and exterior have different protective and aesthetic needs. We have the experience, knowledge, skills, resources, and commitment required to create aesthetically appealing and durable surfaces. Whether it is for a residential property, a place of business, or an institutional building, we have you covered for all your interior and exterior painting needs. Besides, no project is too big or too small for us. You may choose our services for painting the entire building or a couple of rooms.

Our exterior painting works are focused on creating surfaces that enhance the curb appeal and protect your property from the elements. When it comes to interior painting jobs, the emphasis is on your preferences for colors, the interior décor theme, and the space’s application among other factors. Whatever your painting needs, we have the in-depth insights from our experience to deliver your desired results. Read More About Interior & Exterior Painting »

Stain & Lacquer Finishing

We provide comprehensive staining and lacquer finishing services for all types of wooden components in your home or commercial property. Our staining services help enhance the natural grain of the wood, bringing a unique character to your wooden fixtures. We can bring an even tone of shade to your furniture, cabinets, stairways, floor, and trim. You may want to give a new look and feel to these old and drab components. You may want to give a new look and feel to them. Whatever your needs and goals, we can create the desired looks and effects.

Our professional staining and lacquering services play an important role in retaining the natural beauty and look of wood. Our services include refinishing and polishing wooden cabinets, staircases, railings, commercial spaces such as in offices, restaurants, and retail settings, and historical buildings. We know the art of accentuating the natural grain or imperfections of wood with the process of staining and lacquer finishes. Read More About Stain & Lacquer Finishing »

Epoxy Flooring

Our custom epoxy flooring solutions are available across a wide range of spaces. We provide floor coating solutions for basements, patios, garages, warehouses, walkways, porches, warehouses, industrial spaces among others. While the primary purpose of these floor coatings is protection, we can help you choose the aesthetic elements for customized color, effect, and finish for each space. We apply different types of coatings including field-applied, roll-on, trowel-on, and brush-on options. The top layer of latex or urethanes can bring greater aesthetic versatility in terms of color and finish.

We specialize in providing epoxy flooring solutions for your old and worn-out concrete flooring. Our experienced crew also lays this type of flooring in areas that have high traffic or severe conditions. The resin composition provides a durable surface that can withstand most types of wear and tear. The use of high-quality materials, proven techniques, and our expertise goes a long way in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Read More About Epoxy Flooring »

Drywall & Texture

Our drywall and texture specialists have built a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship. We specialize in the creation of any type of wall textures that you can imagine. Whatever texture or design ideas you may have in mind, we can transform them into reality. Whether it is for your residential or commercial property, we can create personalized drywall textures that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Our craftsmen have decades of combined experience, undergo regular training, and use the latest tools and systems to deliver the desired results.

Whether your drywall design involves lines, swills, or knockdowns, we have the resources and skills to deliver your project on time in a cost-effective manner. We also specialize in incorporating textures into your interior walls and ceilings, for your home, office, condo, or townhouse. Whether it is a completely new project, a remodel, or renovation, we can handle all sorts of tasks. Read More About Drywall & Texture »

Pressure Washing

We provide professional and specialized pressure washing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our residential services include washing decks and patio furniture, windows, eavestroughs, preparing siding for the painting job, and cleaning up after renovations among others. When it comes to commercial painting, we specialize in stripping paint. We have the skills and experience required to handle the delicate aspect of this job, ensuring that the pressure washer never damages the softer surfaces.

Our crew has the expertise and tools required to ensure the paint stripping job is done carefully and with meticulous care. There are many more reasons that make us one of the best pressure washing companies in the region. Our range of pressure washing services includes house washing, deck, driveway, and fence washing, roof, and pool deck cleaning. We treat your property with care and use the proper pressure washing system for each surface. Read More About Pressure Washing »

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing or painting your cabinets allows you to add a new look to your outdated kitchen space. It is also a smarter and faster way to renovate your kitchen space. There is no need to worry about demolition or the need to remove the units. Our designers will work closely with you to create the desired look for your kitchen. The choice of finish is an important decision. If you prefer a solid color, we will consider painting your cabinets. Else, we can re-stain to bring the best out of the wood grain.

Our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing service is a cost-effective and faster alternative to a remodeling project. Besides, it means a lot more convenience. Your kitchen can have a completely new look without going through the demolition and refitting process. This further makes kitchen cabinet refinish an environmentally smart choice, as you can continue using the same materials. Read More About Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing »

Faux Finishes

Our decorative wall finishes can enhance any space in your home or commercial property. An increasing number of homeowners and business owners now realize the advantages of faux finishes. Our painters are masters of all the techniques involved in creating any type of finish. We use various brushes, sponges, rags, glazes, trowels, and other accessories. We have mastered the techniques of combining different layers utilizing different sheens of the paint, designer plaster products, and specialty paints.

Some of the popular faux finish jobs that we commonly work on include vertical/horizontal stripes, wood graining, rusted iron paint, furniture facelifts and renovations, sponging, ragging, metallic paints, aging patinas, shimmer stone, lusterstone, Venetian plaster, scroll work, hand-painted motifs, metallic leafing, and many more outcomes. Our team undergoes regular training in the latest techniques to provide unique results. With us, you can always find options and suggestions to create a customized look and feel. Read More About Faux Finishes »

Wall Paper Removal

Our wallpaper removal service ensures that your walls always stay intact. It is a job best left to the experts; or else you risk damaging your walls. We have the experience and skills required to leave a smooth and clean surface. The use of the right technique and equipment can save you both time and costs. We regularly come across homes with decades-old wallpapers and need modernization.

Our experienced and trained technicians will use proven methods to remove your wallpapers in a safe and clean manner. We have the right tools and know the steps required to deal with walls that have not been primed properly. We can even deal with paper that has been painted over. Once the paper is removed, we can work closely with you to achieve your desired goals with the painting job. Removing old wallpaper can not only enhance your walls’ aesthetic appeal but can also increase your home’s value. Read More About Wall Paper Removal »

Fence Staining & Refinishing

Our professional fence staining and refinishing service can help you achieve top-quality results while saving time and money. Our services bring you many benefits including enhanced aesthetic appeal, increased fence lifespan, protection against weather, and reduced chances of warp or rot. We understand when our clients have specific objectives such as improving the looks or restoring their fence for better protection. We always strive to deliver a combination of benefits for optimal results.

Your fence serves many purposes. It provides shade to the backyard, a certain degree of security, privacy, and keeps your children and pets contained and projected. Periodic staining and fencing can add more years to its life and increase the duration of these benefits. Besides, our services can also help save money by preventing the need for replacement. We specialize in the application of transparent and semi-transparent stains, ensuring uniform application. We use the right product for waterproofing, resisting mildew, stabilizing wood color, shielding against UV rays, and restoring weathered wood. Read More About Fence Staining & Refinishing »

Deck Staining

Your deck is an important part of your property, and you must take steps to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We can stain your deck on a regular basis to ensure optimal protection against the elements. Our deck staining experts have helped thousands of homeowners keep their decks looking their best while protecting against the weather. Our services can take care of all types of decks, especially older decks, surfaces having previous coatings, uneven surfaces, and decks that have been damaged by weather or sun.

Our deck staining services can include scraping, power wash, sanding, and painting or staining. A deck is an investment, and it requires some level of care to ensure it lasts longer than its normal lifespan. It is recommended to re-stain your deck once every 2 years. Besides, it is important to act if you notice any signs of wear and tear, weathering, discoloration, or fading. Timely staining can prevent the surface from splitting, splintering, or rotting. We provide both translucent and transparent deck stain services. Read More About Deck Staining »

Sierra Quality Painting Corp is your one-stop-shop destination for all your painting, staining, refinishing, pressure washing, epoxy flooring, and associated service requirements. If you want to learn more about our services and want to discuss your project, call us today at 775-342-9142. You may also send us your queries using this Online Form.